CONCACAF Nations League Qualifying
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The 2019-2020 CONCACAF Nations League Qualifying (CNCFNLQ) tournament determined the seedings for the Group Phase of the innaugural 2019-2020 CONCACAF Nations League (CNCFNL) and was only played once. This tournament also determined the 10 teams which qualified for the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup (GOLDCUP). The CONCACAF teams that played in the 2018 CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Hexagonal (Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, United States) had already qualified for the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup (GOLDCUP).

Teams were seeded into pots based on their CONCACAF ranking. Pot A included teams ranked 6-15, Pot B included teams ranked 16-24, Pot C included teams ranked 25-33 and Pot D included teams ranked 27-34. Match pairings were made so that each team had 2 Home and 2 Away matches, and no teams faced each more than once.

This tournament applies the typical "WIN" = 3pts, "DRAW" = 1 pt to determine table positions. Table ranking ties are broken by (1) head-to-head goal difference, (2) head-to-head goals scored, (3) head-to-head away goals scored, (4) in-group goal difference, (5) in-group goals scored, (6) in-group away goals scored, then (7) a drawing.

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Competition Structure

Match DayDatesPot Pairings
16-11 September 2018Pot A vs Pot D, Pot B vs Pot C
211-16 October 2018Pot A vs Pot C, Pot B vs Pot D, 1 team from Pot B vs 1 team from Pot C
316-20 November 2018Pot A vs Pot B, Pot C vs Pot D, 1 team from Pot B vs 1 team from Pot C
421-24 March 2019Pot A vs Pot A, Pot B vs Pot B, Pot C vs Pot C, Pot D vs Pot D, 1 team from Pot B vs 1 team from Pot C

Group Stage

DateHome Status RoadVenue
06.09.18Dominica 00 SurinameStade René Serge Nabajoth
 Guyana 22 BarbadosSynthetic Track and Field Facility
07.09.18Anguilla 05 French GuianaRonald Webster Park
 Antigua and Barbuda 03 Saint LuciaSir Vivian Richards Stadium
 Belize 40 BahamasIsidoro Beaton Stadium
08.09.18St Vincent and the Grenadines 02 NicaraguaArnos Vale Stadium
 Cuba 110 Turks and Caicos IslandsEstadio Pedro Marrero
 Montserrat 12 El SalvadorBlakes Estate Stadium
09.09.18Bonaire 05 Dominican RepublicStadion Ergilio Hato
 Virgin Islands (US) 08 CanadaIMG Soccer Stadium
 Aruba 31 BermudaStadion Ergilio Hato
 Jamaica 40 Cayman IslandsIndependence Park (Kingston)
 Saint Kitts and Nevis 10 Puerto RicoWarner Park Sporting Complex
10.09.18Haiti 130 Sint MaartenStade Sylvio Cator
 Curaçao 100 GrenadaStadion Ergilio Hato
11.09.18Saint Martin 03 GuadeloupeRonald Webster Park
11.10.18French Guiana 01 St Vincent and the GrenadinesStade Municipal de Dr Edmard Lama
12.10.18Virgin Islands (US) 05 CuraçaoIMG Soccer Stadium
 Bahamas 06 Antigua and BarbudaThomas Robinson Stadium
 Bermuda 120 Sint MaartenBermuda National Stadium
 Grenada 02 CubaKirani James National Stadium
13.10.18Puerto Rico 01 MartiniqueJuan Ramón Loubriel Stadium
 Turks and Caicos Islands 08 GuyanaTCIFA National Academy
 Suriname 50 Virgin Islands (British)André Kamperveen Stadion
 El Salvador 30 BarbadosEstadio Cuscatlán
14.10.18Saint Martin 010 Saint Kitts and NevisRonald Webster Park
 Bonaire 06 JamaicaStadion Ergilio Hato
 Montserrat 10 BelizeBlakes Estate Stadium
 Nicaragua 60 AnguillaEstadio Eladio Rosabal Cordero
16.10.18Canada 50 DominicaBMO Field
 Guadeloupe 00 ArubaStade René Serge Nabajoth
 Martinique 40 Virgin Islands (British)Stade Municipal Pierre-Aliker
 Saint Lucia 12 HaitiStade Municipal Pierre-Aliker
16.11.18Grenada 52 Saint MartinKirani James National Stadium
 Bermuda 10 El SalvadorBermuda National Stadium
 Aruba 02 MontserratStadion Ergilio Hato
 Belize 10 Puerto RicoIsidoro Beaton Stadium
17.11.18Cuba 10 Dominican RepublicEstadio Pedro Marrero
 Jamaica 21 SurinameMontego Bay Sports Complex
 Nicaragua 02 HaitiEstadio Nacional de Fútbol
 Cayman Islands 00 Saint LuciaTruman Bodden Stadium
 Bahamas 11 AnguillaThomas Robinson Stadium
 Barbados 30 Virgin Islands (US)Wildey Astro Turf
 Saint Kitts and Nevis 01 CanadaWarner Park Sporting Complex
19.11.18Curaçao 60 GuadeloupeStadion Ergilio Hato
 Martinique 42 Antigua and BarbudaStade Municipal Pierre-Aliker
20.11.18Sint Maarten 02 DominicaRonald Webster Park
 French Guiana 21 GuyanaStade Municipal de Dr Edmard Lama
22.03.19Anguilla 03 Virgin Islands (US)Ronald Webster Park
 Saint Lucia 32 ArubaSir Vivian Richards Stadium
 Cayman Islands 12 MontserratEd Bush Stadium
23.03.19Dominica 40 BahamasWindsor Park (Roseau)
 Sint Maarten 43 Saint MartinRonald Webster Park
 Antigua and Barbuda 21 CuraçaoSir Vivian Richards Stadium
 Suriname 20 Saint Kitts and NevisAndré Kamperveen Stadion
 Guyana 21 BelizeSynthetic Track and Field Facility
 Guadeloupe 01 MartiniqueStade René Serge Nabajoth
 El Salvador 20 JamaicaEstadio Cuscatlán
24.03.19Virgin Islands (British) 12 BonaireRonald Webster Park
 Puerto Rico 02 GrenadaJuan Ramón Loubriel Stadium
 Dominican Republic 13 BermudaEstadio Cibao
 Canada 41 French GuianaBMO Field
 Haiti 21 CubaStade Sylvio Cator
 Barbados 01 NicaraguaWildey Astro Turf