Arab Club Champions Cup
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The 2019-2020 Arab Club Champions Cup (ARABCUP) is an annual regional club football tournament organized by the Union of Arab Football Associations (UAFA). 19 Arab clubs each from both the AFC and CAF participate.

After the Plyoff Round, if teams remained tied after applying aggregate and "away goals" rule, teams go straight to penalty kicks.

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2019-2020 Arab Club Champions Cup Berths
Asia Zone (AFC)
Jordan 1
Kuwait 3
Lebanon 2
Oman 2
Palestine 1
Saudi Arabia 2
Syria 1
United Arab Emirates 2
Africa Zone (CAF)
Egypt 2
Libya 1
Mauritania 1
Sudan 2

Competition Structure

Stage# TeamsNew Teams Entering This RoundTeams From Previous RoundFormat
Preliminary Round88Preliminary Round winner2 groups of four; each team plays the other 3 teams in group once; most points in each groupo advance
1st Round32302 winners from Playoff Round16 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
2nd Round16None16 winners from 1st Round8 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Quarterfinals8None8 winners from 2nd Round4 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Semifinals4None4 winners from Quarterfinals2 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Finals2None2 winners from SemifinalsHome/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances


DateHome Status RoadVenue
Fri - 20 Aug 2021
 Al-Ittihad FC (KSA1)   Raja Casablanca (MAR1)King Abdullah Sports City (Jeddah)


DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateIsmaily SC (EGY1) 13 Raja Casablanca (MAR1) 
16.02.20Ismaily SC 10 Raja CasablancaIsmaïlia Stadium
11.01.21Raja Casablanca 30 Ismaily SCStade de Marrakech
AggregateAl-Shabab FC (KSA1) 34 Al-Ittihad FC (KSA1) 
02.12.20Al-Shabab FC 22 Al-Ittihad FCAl-Shabab Club Stadium
04.01.21Al-Ittihad FC 21 Al-Shabab FCKing Abdullah Sports City Stadium (Jeddah)


DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateAl-Shabab FC (KSA1) 70 Al-Shorta SC (IRQ1) 
23.12.19Al-Shabab FC 60 Al-Shorta SCPrince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium
20.01.20Al-Shorta SC 01 Al-Shabab FCKing Abdullah II Stadium
AggregateAl-Ittihad Alexandria (EGY1) 01 Ismaily SC (EGY1) 
28.12.19Al-Ittihad Alexandria 01 Ismaily SCAlexandria Stadium
26.01.20Ismaily SC 00 Al-Ittihad AlexandriaIsmaïlia Stadium
AggregateMC Alger (ALG1) 22 Raja Casablanca (MAR1) 
04.01.20MC Alger 12 Raja CasablancaStade Mustapha Tchaker
09.02.20Raja Casablanca 01 MC AlgerStade Mohamed V
 Raja Casablanca advances w/more away goals (2-1) 
AggregateAl-Ittihad FC (KSA1) 21 Olympique Club de Safi (MAR1) 
15.01.20Al-Ittihad FC 11 Olympique Club de SafiKing Abdullah Sports City Stadium (Jeddah)
15.02.20Olympique Club de Safi 01 Al-Ittihad FCStade El Massira

2nd Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateAl Wasl FC (UAE1) 14 Al-Ittihad FC (KSA1) 
23.10.19Al Wasl FC 12 Al-Ittihad FCZa'abeel Stadium
04.11.19Al-Ittihad FC 20 Al Wasl FCKing Abdullah Sports City Stadium (Jeddah)
AggregateIsmaily SC (EGY1) 40 Al Jazira SCC (UAE1) 
23.10.19Ismaily SC 20 Al Jazira SCCIsmaïlia Stadium
26.11.19Al Jazira SCC 02 Ismaily SCMohammed Bin Zayed Stadium
AggregateAl-Shabab FC (KSA1) 21 Shabab Al-Ordon (JOR1) 
28.10.19Al-Shabab FC 10 Shabab Al-OrdonPrince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium
08.11.19Shabab Al-Ordon 11 Al-Shabab FCKing Abdullah II Stadium
AggregateRaja Casablanca (MAR1) 55 Wydad Casablanca (MAR1) 
02.11.19Raja Casablanca 11 Wydad CasablancaStade Mohamed V
23.11.19Wydad Casablanca 44 Raja CasablancaStade Mohamed V
 Raja Casablanca advances w/more away goals (4-1) 
AggregateOlympique Club de Safi (MAR1) 22 ES de Tunis (TUN1) 
03.11.19Olympique Club de Safi 11 ES de TunisStade El Massira
23.11.19ES de Tunis 11 Olympique Club de SafiStade Olympique de Radès
 Olympique Club de Safi advances on PKs (4-2) 
AggregateAl-Ittihad Alexandria (EGY1) 30 Al-Muharraq SC (BHR1) 
03.11.19Al-Ittihad Alexandria 20 Al-Muharraq SCBorg El Arab Stadium
24.11.19Al-Muharraq SC 01 Al-Ittihad AlexandriaSheikh Ali bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Stadium
AggregateFC Nouadhibou (MTN1) 06 Al-Shorta SC (IRQ1) 
06.11.19FC Nouadhibou 01 Al-Shorta SCStade Olympique (Nouakchott)
25.11.19Al-Shorta SC 50 FC NouadhibouAl-Khor Stadium
AggregateAl-Quwa Al-Jawiya (IRQ1) 00 MC Alger (ALG1) 
08.11.19Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya 00 MC AlgerKarbala International Stadium
16.12.19MC Alger 00 Al-Quwa Al-JawiyaStade 5 Juillet 1962
 MC Alger advances on PKs (4-2) 

1st Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateAl Wasl FC (UAE1) 32 Al-Hilal FC (SDN1) 
20.08.19Al Wasl FC 20 Al-Hilal FCZa'abeel Stadium
30.08.19Al-Hilal FC 21 Al Wasl FCKhartoum Stadium
AggregateAl-Ittihad FC (KSA1) 30 Al-Ahed SC (LIB1) 
20.08.19Al-Ittihad FC 30 Al-Ahed SCKing Abdullah Sports City Stadium (Jeddah)
31.08.19Al-Ahed SC 00 Al-Ittihad FCCamille Chamoun Sports City Stadium
AggregateAl-Arabi SC (KUW1) 03 Al-Ittihad Alexandria (EGY1) 
26.08.19Al-Arabi SC 01 Al-Ittihad AlexandriaSabah Al Salem Stadium
26.09.19Al-Ittihad Alexandria 20 Al-Arabi SCAlexandria Stadium
AggregateCS Constantine (ALG1) 33 Al-Muharraq SC (BHR1) 
27.08.19CS Constantine 31 Al-Muharraq SCStade Mohamed Hamlaoui
17.09.19Al-Muharraq SC 20 CS ConstantineSheikh Ali bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Stadium
 Al-Muharraq SC advances w/more away goals (1-0) 
AggregateKuwait SC (KUW1) 33 Al-Shorta SC (IRQ1) 
28.08.19Kuwait SC 31 Al-Shorta SCAl-Kuwait Sports Club Stadium
23.09.19Al-Shorta SC 20 Kuwait SCKarbala Stadium
 Al-Shorta SC advances w/more away goals (1-0) 
AggregateAl-Quwa Al-Jawiya (IRQ1) 42 Al-Salmiyah SC (KUW1) 
29.08.19Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya 31 Al-Salmiyah SCKarbala Stadium
24.09.19Al-Salmiyah SC 11 Al-Quwa Al-JawiyaThamir Stadium
AggregateShabab Al-Ordon (JOR1) 31 Étoile Sportive du Sahel (TUN1) 
29.08.19Shabab Al-Ordon 21 Étoile Sportive du SahelKing Abdullah II Stadium
24.09.19Étoile Sportive du Sahel 01 Shabab Al-OrdonStade Mustapha Ben Jannet
AggregateNejmeh SC (LIB1) 13 ES de Tunis (TUN1) 
30.08.19Nejmeh SC 11 ES de TunisCamille Chamoun Sports City Stadium
02.10.19ES de Tunis 20 Nejmeh SCStade Olympique de Radès
AggregateAl-Merreikh SC (SDN1) 13 Wydad Casablanca (MAR1) 
31.08.19Al-Merreikh SC 11 Wydad CasablancaStade de Al-Merrikh
03.10.19Wydad Casablanca 20 Al-Merreikh SCStade Mohamed V
AggregateAl-Jaish SC (SYR1) 12 FC Nouadhibou (MTN1) 
01.09.19Al-Jaish SC 11 FC NouadhibouBasra Sports City Stadium
03.10.19FC Nouadhibou 10 Al-Jaish SCStade Cheikha Ould Boïdiya
AggregateIsmaily SC (EGY1) 43 Al-Ahly SC Benghazi (LBY1) 
13.09.19Ismaily SC 42 Al-Ahly SC BenghaziIsmaïlia Stadium
27.09.19Al-Ahly SC Benghazi 10 Ismaily SCStade Mustapha Ben Jannet
AggregateAl-Nasr SC (OMA1) 14 Al Jazira SCC (UAE1) 
14.09.19Al-Nasr SC 01 Al Jazira SCCThe Salalah Youth Complex
23.09.19Al Jazira SCC 31 Al-Nasr SCMohammed Bin Zayed Stadium
AggregateOlympique Club de Safi (MAR1) 21 Al-Riffa SC (BHR1) 
20.09.19Olympique Club de Safi 11 Al-Riffa SCAl-Kuwait Sports Club Stadium
01.10.19Al-Riffa SC 01 Olympique Club de SafiMadinat 'Isa Stadium
AggregateJS Saoura (ALG1) 15 Al-Shabab FC (KSA1) 
23.09.19JS Saoura 13 Al-Shabab FCStade du 20 Août 1955 (Béchar)
01.10.19Al-Shabab FC 20 JS SaouraPrince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium
AggregateRaja Casablanca (MAR1) 30 Hilal Al-Quds Club (PLE1) 
23.09.19Raja Casablanca 10 Hilal Al-Quds ClubStade Mohamed V
03.10.19Hilal Al-Quds Club 02 Raja CasablancaFaisal Al-Husseini International Stadium
AggregateMC Alger (ALG1) 21 Dhofar Club (OMA1) 
24.09.19MC Alger 10 Dhofar ClubStade 5 Juillet 1962
30.09.19Dhofar Club 11 MC AlgerThe Salalah Youth Complex

Preliminary Round

 Group ALeagueHomeRoad
1Ittihad Riadhi de Tanger (MAR1)22 -0-06-91811 -0-0330311 -0-03615
2Al-Riffa SC (BHR1)22 -0-06-60611 -0-0350511 -0-03101
3Al Zawra'a SC (IRQ1)20 -0-20-04-410 -0-1001-110 -0-1003-3
4Horseed FC (SOM1)20 -0-20-111-1010 -0-1016-510 -0-1005-5
1st Round
DateHome Status RoadVenue
18.08.19Al Zawra'a SC 20 Horseed FCStade Mohamed V
21.08.19Al-Riffa SC 50 Horseed FCStade Mohamed V
24.08.19Al Zawra'a SC 01 Al-Riffa SCStade Municipal de Berrechid
 Group BLeagueHomeRoad
1JS Saoura (ALG1)33 -0-09-70711 -0-0310122 -0-06606
2CA Bizertin (TUN1)32 -0-16-101921 -0-1331211 -0-03707
3ASAS Djibouti Télécom (DJI1)31 -0-23-36-300 -0-0000031 -0-2336-3
4Fomboni FC (COM1)30 -0-30-215-1330 -0-30215-1300 -0-00000
1st Round
DateHome Status RoadVenue
19.08.19CA Bizertin 30 ASAS Djibouti TélécomStade Municipal de Berrechid
 Fomboni FC 05 JS SaouraStade Municipal de Berrechid
22.08.19JS Saoura 10 ASAS Djibouti TélécomStade Municipal de Berrechid
 Fomboni FC 07 CA BizertinStade Municipal de Berrechid
25.08.19Fomboni FC 23 ASAS Djibouti TélécomStade Mohamed V
 CA Bizertin 01 JS SaouraStade Municipal de Berrechid