Coupe de La Ligue
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The 2019-2020 Coupe de La Ligue (FRACUP2) is the 2nd most prestigious football club tournament in France. All 44 teams from Ligue 1 (FRA1) and Ligue 2 (FRA2) participated. RC Strasbourg (FRA1) is the defending FRACUP2 champion.

All rounds/matches are "Knockout" matches. If a match is still tied after regulation time, no extra time periods are played and the teams go directly to a penalty shoot-out.

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Leagues Pyramid - France

Abbrev League # Teams
FRA1 Ligue 1 Conforma 20
FRA2 Domino's Ligue 2 20
FRA3 Championnat National 18
FRA4 Championnat National 2 64
FRA5 Championnat National 3 168

Competition Structure

Stage# TeamsNew Teams Entering This RoundTeams From Previous RoundFormat
Preliminary Round22 Championnat National (FRA3) teamsNone1 Knockout match
1st Round2420 Ligue 2 (FRA2) teams, 3 Championnat National (FRA3) teamsPreliminary Round winner12 Knockout matches
2nd Round12None12 winners from 1st Round6 Knockout matches
3rd Round (Round of 20)2014 FRA1 (Ligue 1) teams "not" competing in the UEFACL and UEFAEL6 winners from 2nd Round10 Knockout matches
Round of 16166 FRA1 (Ligue 1) teams competing in the UEFACL and UEFAEL10 winners from 3rd Round8 Knockout matches
Quarterfinals8None8 winners from Round of 164 Knockout matches
Semifinals4None4 winners from Quarterfinals2 Knockout matches
Final2None2 winners from Semifinals1 Knockout match played at a neutral site


DateHome Status RoadVenue
Fri - 31 Jul 2020
 Paris Saint-Germain (FRA1) 00 Lyon (FRA1)Stade de France
 Paris Saint-Germain wins on PKs (6-5) 


DateHome Status RoadVenue
Tue - 21 Jan 2020
 Lyon (FRA1) 22 Lille (FRA1)Groupama Stadium
 Lyon advances on PKs (4-3) 
Wed - 22 Jan 2020
 Stade de Reims (FRA1) 03 Paris Saint-Germain (FRA1)Stade Auguste Delaune II


DateHome Status RoadVenue
Tue - 7 Jan 2020
 Stade de Reims (FRA1) 00 RC Strasbourg (FRA1)Stade Auguste Delaune II
 Stade de Reims advances on PKs (4-2) 
Wed - 8 Jan 2020
 Lyon (FRA1) 31 Stade Brestois 29 (FRA1)Groupama Stadium
 Lille (FRA1) 20 Amiens SC (FRA1)Stade Pierre-Mauroy
 Paris Saint-Germain (FRA1) 61 AS Saint-Étienne (FRA1)Parc des Princes (Paris)

Round of 16

DateHome Status RoadVenue
Tue - 17 Dec 2019
 Stade de Reims (FRA1) 10 Montpellier HSC (FRA1)Stade Auguste Delaune II
 AS Monaco FC (FRA1) 03 Lille (FRA1)Stade Louis II
Wed - 18 Dec 2019
 Lyon (FRA1) 41 Toulouse FC (FRA1)Groupama Stadium
 FC Nantes (FRA1) 01 RC Strasbourg (FRA1)Stade de la Beaujoire
 Stade Brestois 29 (FRA1) 20 Bordeaux (FRA1)Stade Francis-Le Blé
 Le Mans FC (FRA2) 14 Paris Saint-Germain (FRA1)MM Arena
 Nîmes Olympique (FRA1) 12 AS Saint-Étienne (FRA1)Stade des Costières
 Amiens SC (FRA1) 32 Stade Rennais FC (FRA1)Stade Crédit Agricole de la Licorne

Round of 20

DateHome Status RoadVenue
Tue - 29 Oct 2019
 Nîmes Olympique (FRA1) 30 RC Lens (FRA2)Stade des Costières
 Bordeaux (FRA1) 20 Dijon FCO (FRA1)Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux
Wed - 30 Oct 2019
 Le Mans FC (FRA2) 32 OGC Nice (FRA1)MM Arena
 FC Nantes (FRA1) 80 Paris FC (FRA2)Stade de la Beaujoire
 FC Metz (FRA1) 11 Stade Brestois 29 (FRA1)Stade Saint-Symphorien
 Stade Brestois 29 advances on PKs (4-3) 
 AS Monaco FC (FRA1) 21 Marseille (FRA1)Stade Louis II
 Stade de Reims (FRA1) 21 FC Bourg-Péronnas (FRA3)Stade Auguste Delaune II
 Montpellier HSC (FRA1) 32 AS Nancy-Lorraine (FRA2)Stade de la Mosson
 Amiens SC (FRA1) 32 Angers SCO (FRA1)Stade Crédit Agricole de la Licorne
 Chamois Niortais FC (FRA2) 12 Toulouse FC (FRA1)Stade René Gaillard

2nd Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
Tue - 27 Aug 2019
 AS Nancy-Lorraine (FRA2) 10 AC Ajaccio (FRA2)Stade Marcel Picot
 FC Bourg-Péronnas (FRA3) 11 AS Béziers (FRA3)Stade Marcel-Verchère
 FC Bourg-Péronnas advances on PKs (6-5) 
 Le Mans FC (FRA2) 22 US Orléans (FRA2)MM Arena
 Le Mans FC advances on PKs (8-7) 
 Chamois Niortais FC (FRA2) 00 Grenoble Foot 38 (FRA2)Stade René Gaillard
 Chamois Niortais FC advances on PKs (5-4) 
 GFC Ajaccio (FRA3) 11 Paris FC (FRA2)Stade Ange Casanova
 Paris FC advances on PKs (6-5) 
 RC Lens (FRA2) 22 Clermont Foot (FRA2)Stade Bollaert-Delelis
 RC Lens advances on PKs (5-4) 

1st Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
Tue - 13 Aug 2019
 FC Lorient (FRA2) 12 Le Mans FC (FRA2)Stade Yves Allainmat
 US Orléans (FRA2) 41 EA Guingamp (FRA2)Stade de la Source
 Clermont Foot (FRA2) 11 Le Havre AC (FRA2)Stade Gabriel Montpied
 Clermont Foot advances on PKs (4-3) 
 Grenoble Foot 38 (FRA2) 11 Rodez Aveyron (FRA2)Stade des Alpes
 Grenoble Foot 38 advances on PKs (4-3) 
 GFC Ajaccio (FRA3) 20 FC Chambly-thelle (FRA2)Stade Ange Casanova
 Paris FC (FRA2) 21 FC Sochaux (FRA2)Stade Charléty
 Chamois Niortais FC (FRA2) 31 LB Châteauroux (FRA2)Stade René Gaillard
 SM Caen (FRA2) 01 AS Nancy-Lorraine (FRA2)Stade Michel-d'Ornano
 AC Ajaccio (FRA2) 41 Valenciennes FC (FRA2)Stade François Coty
 AJ Auxerre (FRA2) 00 AS Béziers (FRA3)Stade de l'Abbé-Deschamps
 AS Béziers advances on PKs (6-5) 
 FC Bourg-Péronnas (FRA3) 22 Red Star FC (FRA3)Stade de Paris
 Troyes (FRA2) 12 RC Lens (FRA2)Stade de l'Aube

Preliminary Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
Fri - 26 Jul 2019
 FC Bourg-Péronnas (FRA3) 10 US Quevilly (FRA3)Stade Marcel-Verchère