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El Salvador


The Primera División de la Liga de Fútbol Profesional (SLV1), or La Liga Mayor, or La Primera, or Liga Pepsi, is the top level of league-style football competition in El Salvador. The SLV1 season is split into two championships, the Torneo Apertura and the Torneo Clausura. At the end of the 2022-2023 Torneo Clausura, the SLV1 teams listed below qualify for the following non-league play:

Aggregate points are determined by combining results from the 2022-2023 Torneo Apertura and 2022-2023 Torneo Clausura into the 2022-2023 SLV1 Aggregate Table.

Leagues Pyramid - El Salvador

Abbrev League # of Teams
SLV1 Liga Pepsi
(Primera División de la Liga de Fútbol Profesional)
SLV2 Segunda Divisón de Fúbol Salvadoreño 23
SLV3 Tercera Divisón de Fúbol Salvadoreño 23

Competition Structure


# of Teams

Apertura - Regular
8 Jul 2022 - 21 Oct 2022
Apertura - Playoffs
24 Oct 2022 - 23 Dec 2022
Clausura - Regular
14 Jan 2023 - 7 May 2023
Clausura - Playoffs
10 May 2023 - 10 Jun 2023
 12: SLV1 (11), SLV2 (1)

Season Format

The 2022-2023 SLV1 season is split into two championships, the Torneo Apertura and the Torneo Clausura. In each championship, each SLV1 team plays Home-Away matches with the other 11 SLV1 teams for 22 league matches per team. Table ranking ties are broken by (1) goal difference, then (2) goals scored.


At the end of the 2nd Phase in each torneo, the top 4 SLV1 teams in each group advance to the Home-Away highest aggregate score advances Quarterfinals. In this playoff, the 1st place teams plays the 4th place teams, the 2nd place teams plays the 3rd place teams. The four advancing teams play in a Home-Away highest aggregate score advances Semifinals. The two Semifinal winners advance to the Finals with the winner becoming the torneo champion.


Upon completion of the 2022-2023 Torneo Clausura, the 2 SLV1 teams with the lowest number of 2022-2023 SLV1 Aggregate Table points have a 1 match playoff. The loser will be relegated to the SLV2. The SLV2 champion will play in the 2023-2024 SLV1 Torneo Apertura.

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Apertura - Final

DateHome Status RoadVenue
Sun - 13 Nov 2022
 CD FAS 20 Jocoro FCEstadio Cuscatlán

Apertura - Semifinals

DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateCD FAS  11 CD Águila  
02.11.22CD FAS 10 CD ÁguilaEstadio Óscar Alberto Quiteño
05.11.22CD Águila 10 CD FASEstadio Juan Francisco Barraza
 CD FAS advances on PKs (4-3) 
AggregateCD Platense Municipal  44 Jocoro FC  
02.11.22CD Platense Municipal 20 Jocoro FCEstadio Antonio Toledo Valle
06.11.22Jocoro FC 42 CD Platense MunicipalComplejo Deportivo Tierra de Fuego
 Jocoro FC advances on PKs (4-2) 

Apertura - Quarterfinals

DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateCD Platense Municipal  21 Alianza FC  
26.10.22CD Platense Municipal 11 Alianza FCEstadio Antonio Toledo Valle
30.10.22Alianza FC 01 CD Platense MunicipalEstadio Cuscatlán
AggregateCD Dragón  45 CD FAS  
26.10.22CD Dragón 32 CD FASEstadio Juan Francisco Barraza
30.10.22CD FAS 31 CD DragónEstadio Óscar Alberto Quiteño
AggregateCD Águila  01 CD Atlético Marte  
26.10.22CD Águila 00 CD Atlético MarteEstadio Cuscatlán
30.10.22CD Atlético Marte 10 CD ÁguilaEstadio Juan Francisco Barraza
AggregateAD Isidro Metapán  11 Jocoro FC  
27.10.22AD Isidro Metapán 11 Jocoro FCEstadio Jorge El Calero Suárez
30.10.22Jocoro FC 00 AD Isidro MetapánComplejo Deportivo Tierra de Fuego
 Jocoro FC advances on PKs (4-2) 

Regular Season

Group A
1CD Águila 105 -3-218-23111254 -1-0131631351 -2-2578-1
2Jocoro FC 105 -3-218-1612454 -1-013125751 -2-2547-3
3CD Dragón 105 -3-218-107353 -1-11042252 -2-18651
4CD Platense Municipal 104 -3-315-118353 -2-01162451 -1-3456-1
5CD Chalatenango 101 -3-66-718-1150 -2-3259-451 -1-3429-7
6CD Luis Ángel Firpo 100 -5-55-617-1150 -3-2336-350 -2-32311-8
Group B
1Alianza FC 106 -1-319-21111053 -1-110134953 -0-29871
2CD FAS 104 -4-216-129353 -1-11062451 -3-1667-1
3AD Isidro Metapán 104 -4-216-1413153 -2-01184451 -2-2569-3
4CD Atlético Marte 103 -3-412-914-553 -1-11087150 -2-3217-6
5Santa Tecla FC 103 -2-511-1517-252 -0-3699051 -2-2568-2
6Once Deportivo 101 -4-57-916-750 -4-1446-251 -0-43510-5


Sun - 23 Oct 2022
 Once Deportivo 11 Santa Tecla FCEstadio Arturo Simeón Magaña
 CD Águila 22 CD DragónEstadio Juan Francisco Barraza
 Jocoro FC 40 CD ChalatenangoComplejo Deportivo Tierra de Fuego
 CD FAS 30 Alianza FCEstadio Óscar Alberto Quiteño
 AD Isidro Metapán 00 CD Atlético MarteEstadio Jorge El Calero Suárez
 CD Platense Municipal 10 CD Luis Ángel FirpoEstadio Antonio Toledo Valle
Thu - 20 Oct 2022
 CD Chalatenango 12 CD ÁguilaEstadio José Gregorio Martínez
Wed - 19 Oct 2022
 AD Isidro Metapán 21 Once DeportivoEstadio Jorge El Calero Suárez
 Alianza FC 01 Santa Tecla FCEstadio Las Delicias
 CD FAS 10 CD Atlético MarteEstadio Óscar Alberto Quiteño
 CD Luis Ángel Firpo 13 Jocoro FCEstadio Sergio Torres Rivera
 CD Dragón 10 CD Platense MunicipalEstadio Juan Francisco Barraza
Sun - 16 Oct 2022
 CD Atlético Marte 24 Alianza FCEstadio Cuscatlán
 Once Deportivo 11 CD FASEstadio Arturo Simeón Magaña
 CD Dragón 10 CD Luis Ángel FirpoEstadio Juan Francisco Barraza
 CD Platense Municipal 31 CD ChalatenangoEstadio Antonio Toledo Valle
Sat - 15 Oct 2022
 Santa Tecla FC 41 AD Isidro MetapánEstadio Las Delicias
 CD Águila 51 Jocoro FCEstadio Juan Francisco Barraza
Thu - 13 Oct 2022
 CD Chalatenango 12 CD DragónEstadio José Gregorio Martínez
Wed - 12 Oct 2022
 Santa Tecla FC 20 CD Atlético MarteEstadio Las Delicias