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The First League of Montenegro (MNE1), or Prva crnogorska fudbaksla liga - 1.CFL, or Telekom 1.CFL is the top league of Montenegro's football system. At the end of the 2022-2023 MNE1 season, the MNE1 teams listed below qualify for the following non-league play:

  • 2023-2024 UEFA Champions League - Preliminary Round:
    • 1st place 2022-2023 MNE1 team
  • 2023-2024 UEFA Europa Conference League - 1st Qualifying Round:
    • 2nd place 2022-2023 MNE1 team

The winner of the 2022-2023 Crnogorski fudbalski kup (Montenegrin Cup), typically a MNE1 team, also receives a berth in the 1st Qualifying Round of the 2023-2024 UEFA Europa Conference League.

Leagues Pyramid - Montenegro

Abbrev League # of Teams
MNE1 Telekom 1.CFL (1.CFL) 10
MNE2 Druga CFL (2.CFL) 10
MNE3 Treća Crnogorska Liga 30

Competition Structure


# of Teams

23 Jul 2022 - 31 May 2023  10: MNE1 (7 minimum), MNE2 (3 maximum)

Season Format

The MNE1 season consists of a double round robin format where each MNE1 team plays Home-Away matches with the other 9 MNE1 teams twice, for a total of 36 league matches. Table ranking ties are broken by (1) head-to-head points, (2) head-to-head goal difference, (3) head-to-head goals scored, (4) goal difference, (5) goals scored, then (6) a drawing.


Not applicable.


At the end of the 2022-2023 MNE1 season, the 10th place MNE1 team is relegated to the MNE2, the 8th place MNE1 team enters into a Home-Away highest aggregate score wins Promotion/Relegation Playoff with the 3rd place MNE2 team, and the 9th place MNE1 team enters into a Home-Away highest aggregate score wins Promotion/Relegation Playoff with the 2nd place MNE2 team. The 2 Playoff winners and the 1st place MNE2 team play in the 2023-2024 MNE1, and the 2 playoff losers play in the MNE2.

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1Budućnost Podgorica 169 -4-331-24121285 -1-216147784 -3-1151055
2FK Sutjeska Nikšić 169 -3-430-31112086 -1-1192131883 -2-3111082
3FK Dečić 167 -6-327-2618883 -3-2121610684 -3-1151082
4OFK Petrovac 166 -6-424-2322182 -3-391114-384 -3-1151284
5FK Arsenal Tivat 167 -2-723-2225-383 -1-410812-484 -1-31314131
6FK Jezero Plav 165 -5-620-1719-284 -3-115117481 -2-55612-6
7FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje 165 -4-719-1822-482 -2-4879-283 -2-3111113-2
8FK Rudar Pljevlja 164 -5-717-1424-1083 -2-31178-181 -3-46716-9
9FK Mornar Bar 164 -4-816-1421-783 -3-21287181 -1-64614-8
10FK Iskra Danilovgrad 162 -5-911-1126-1581 -3-46812-481 -2-55314-11
2023-2024 UEFACL
2023-2024 UEFAECL
Relegation Playoffs
Relegation to MNE2


Sat - 3 Dec 2022
 OFK Petrovac   FK Iskra DanilovgradStadion Mitar Mićo Goliš
 FK Mornar Bar   Budućnost PodgoricaStadion SRC Topolica
 FK Jezero Plav   FK DečićStadion pod Racinom
 FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje   FK Rudar PljevljaGradski Stadion (Bijelo Polje)
Wed - 7 Dec 2022
 FK Arsenal Tivat   OFK PetrovacStadion u Parku
 FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje   FK Sutjeska NikšićGradski Stadion (Bijelo Polje)
 FK Jezero Plav   FK Rudar PljevljaStadion pod Racinom
 FK Mornar Bar   FK DečićStadion SRC Topolica
 FK Iskra Danilovgrad   Budućnost PodgoricaStadion Braća Velašević


Sun - 27 Nov 2022
 FK Iskra Danilovgrad FT FK Mornar BarStadion Braća Velašević
 Budućnost Podgorica FT FK Jezero PlavStadion pod Goricom
 FK Dečić FT FK Jedinstvo Bijelo PoljeStadion Tuško Polje
 FK Rudar Pljevlja FT FK Arsenal TivatStadion pod Golubinjom
 FK Sutjeska Nikšić FT OFK PetrovacStadion Kraj Bistrice
Sat - 12 Nov 2022
 FK Sutjeska Nikšić 40 FK Rudar PljevljaStadion Kraj Bistrice
 FK Arsenal Tivat 12 FK DečićStadion u Parku
 FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje 01 Budućnost PodgoricaGradski Stadion (Bijelo Polje)
 FK Jezero Plav 00 FK Iskra DanilovgradStadion pod Racinom
 OFK Petrovac 12 FK Mornar BarStadion Mitar Mićo Goliš
Sun - 6 Nov 2022
 FK Mornar Bar 10 FK Jezero PlavStadion SRC Topolica
 FK Iskra Danilovgrad 13 FK Jedinstvo Bijelo PoljeStadion Braća Velašević
 FK Dečić 12 FK Sutjeska NikšićStadion Tuško Polje
 FK Rudar Pljevlja 01 OFK PetrovacStadion pod Golubinjom
Sun - 30 Oct 2022
 FK Rudar Pljevlja 11 FK DečićStadion pod Golubinjom
 FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje 10 FK Mornar BarGradski Stadion (Bijelo Polje)
Sat - 29 Oct 2022
 OFK Petrovac 21 FK Jezero PlavStadion Mitar Mićo Goliš