Maltese Premier League
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The Maltese Premier League (MLT1) or BOV Premier League is the top division/league in the Maltese football system. At the end of the 2021-2022 season, the MLT1 teams listed below qualify for the following non-league play:

  • 2022-2023 UEFA Champions League - 1st Qualifying Round:
    • 1st place 2021-2022 MLT1 team
  • 2022-2023 UEFA Europa Conference League - 1st Qualifying Round:
    • 2nd and 3rd place 2021-2022 MLT1 teams

The winner of the 2021-2022 Maltese FA Trophy, typically an MLT1 team, also receives a berth in the 1st Qualifying Round of the 2022-2023 UEFA Europa Conference League.

Leagues Pyramid - Malta

Abbrev League # of Teams
MLT1Maltese Premier League12
MLT2Maltese Challenge League22
MLT3Maltese National Amateur League22

Competition Structure


# of Teams

12 Aug 2021 - 31 May 2022  12: MLT1 (12), MLT2 (0)

Season Format

The MLT1 season consists of 2 stages. In the first stage, each MLT1 team plays the other 11 MLT1 teams in Home-Away matches for a total of 22 Regular season league matches. The second stage consists of the Championship Round and the Relegation Round. In the Championship Round, the top six teams play Home-Away matches against the other 5 teams (32 total matches) to determine final rankings for 2022-2023 UEFA Champions League and 2022-2023 UEFA Europa ConferenceLeague placements. In the Relegation Round, the bottom six teams play Home-Away matches against the other 5 teams (32 total matches) to determine the relegation placements. Table ranking ties are broken by a playoff if deciding UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League berths.

Four MLT1 teams were relegated after the 2020-2021 season and no MLT2 teams were promoted.


Not applicable.


At the end of the 2021-2022 MLT1 season, the 12th place MLT1 Relegation Round team will be relegated to the MLT2 and the 12th place MLT1 team will enter into a home/away highest aggregate goals wins Promotion/Relegation playoff with the 2nd place MLT2 team.

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1Hibernians FC 107 -3-024-2091153 -2-01185354 -1-0131248
2Birkirkara FC 115 -4-219-1610653 -2-01183562 -2-28871
3Valletta FC 115 -2-417-1616064 -1-113127551 -1-3449-5
4Floriana FC 104 -4-216-1410452 -1-2797252 -3-09532
5Gżira United FC 114 -4-316-1715251 -2-2579-263 -2-1111064
6Balzan FC 105 -0-515-1511452 -0-3656-153 -0-291055
7Hamrun Spartans FC 105 -0-515-1310352 -0-3654153 -0-29862
8Sirens FC 114 -2-514-1623-761 -2-35917-853 -0-29761
9Gudja United FC 113 -1-710-1417-351 -1-3457-262 -0-46910-1
10Mosta FC 112 -4-510-1523-861 -2-35612-651 -2-25911-2
11Santa Lucia FC 101 -6-39-1419-551 -3-1666050 -3-23813-5
12Sliema Wanderers FC 101 -4-57-916-751 -1-34610-450 -3-2336-3
2022-2023 UEFACL
2022-2023 UEFAECL
Relegation to MLT2


Sun - 5 Dec 2021
 Sliema Wanderers FC   Hamrun Spartans FCTa' Qali National Stadium
 Hibernians FC   Floriana FCTa' Qali National Stadium
 Santa Lucia FC   Balzan FCTony Bezzina Stadium
Sat - 11 Dec 2021
 Santa Lucia FC   Floriana FCVictor Tedesco Stadium
 Valletta FC   Hamrun Spartans FCTa' Qali National Stadium
 Sliema Wanderers FC   Balzan FCTa' Qali National Stadium
Sun - 12 Dec 2021
 Sirens FC   Gudja United FCVictor Tedesco Stadium
 Birkirkara FC   Mosta FCTa' Qali National Stadium
 Hibernians FC   Gżira United FCTony Bezzina Stadium
Sat - 18 Dec 2021
 Gżira United FC   Santa Lucia FCTa' Qali National Stadium
 Hamrun Spartans FC   Birkirkara FCTa' Qali National Stadium
 Mosta FC   Sirens FCCharles Abela Memorial Stadium
Sun - 19 Dec 2021
 Floriana FC   Sliema Wanderers FCIndependence Arena (Floriana)
 Balzan FC   Valletta FCTa' Qali National Stadium


Sat - 4 Dec 2021
 Sirens FC 13 Gżira United FCTony Bezzina Stadium
 Valletta FC 00 Birkirkara FCTa' Qali National Stadium
 Mosta FC 03 Gudja United FCTony Bezzina Stadium
Sun - 28 Nov 2021
 Balzan FC 12 Hibernians FCTa' Qali National Stadium
 Hamrun Spartans FC 30 Santa Lucia FCTony Bezzina Stadium
 Gżira United FC 32 Gudja United FCTa' Qali National Stadium
Sat - 27 Nov 2021
 Valletta FC 31 Mosta FCTony Bezzina Stadium
 Birkirkara FC 20 Sliema Wanderers FCTa' Qali National Stadium
 Floriana FC 12 Sirens FCTony Bezzina Stadium
Sun - 21 Nov 2021
 Hibernians FC 10 Hamrun Spartans FCTa' Qali National Stadium
 Sirens FC 16 Balzan FCTa' Qali National Stadium
 Santa Lucia FC 20 Birkirkara FCTony Bezzina Stadium
Sat - 20 Nov 2021
 Gudja United FC 01 Floriana FCTony Bezzina Stadium
 Sliema Wanderers FC 21 Valletta FCTa' Qali National Stadium
 Mosta FC 22 Gżira United FCTony Bezzina Stadium
Sun - 31 Oct 2021
 Sliema Wanderers FC 23 Mosta FCMFA Centenary Stadium (Ta'Qali)
 Floriana FC 21 Gżira United FCTony Bezzina Stadium
 Balzan FC 10 Gudja United FCMFA Centenary Stadium (Ta'Qali)
Sat - 30 Oct 2021
 Hamrun Spartans FC 10 Sirens FCTony Bezzina Stadium
 Valletta FC 53 Santa Lucia FCMFA Centenary Stadium (Ta'Qali)