CAF Confederation Cup
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The 2020-2021 CAF Confederation Cup (CAFCC) is Africa's 2nd most prestigious club football tournament where all 56 CAF F/As (football associations) are represented. The 2020-2021 winner will play against the 2020-2021 CAF Champions League winner in the 2020 CAF Super Cup.

Club teams qualified for the 2020-2021 CAFCC based on the Rankings for 2020-2021 CAF Competitions table. This table is based on results from each CAF Champions League and Confederation Cup from the 2016 to 2019-2020 seasons. F/As that were not ranked (due to lack of results in previous CAFCL and CAFCC competitions) were only given one CAFCC berth.

RSB Berkane (MAR1) is the reigning champion.

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Rankings for 2020-2021 CAF Competitions
Congo DR522
South Africa622
Côte d'Ivoire1311
Burkina Faso2811

Competition Structure

Stage# TeamsNew Teams Entering This RoundTeams From Previous RoundFormat
Premliminary Round3838 19 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
1st Round3213 top clubs that received Preliminary Round byes19 winners from Preliminary Round16 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Playoff Round3216 losers from 2020-2021 CAFCL 1st Round16 winners from 1st Round16 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Group Stage16None16 winners from First Round4 groups of 4 with Home/Away matches against each team in group, top 2 teams with most points (win = 3 pts, draw = 1 pt) in each group advance
Quarterfinals8Nonetop 2 teams with most points from each group in Group stage4 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Semifinals4None4 winners from Quarterfinals2 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Finals2None2 winners from SemifinalsHome/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances


DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateRaja Casablanca (MAR1) 00 US Monastirienne (TUN1) 
13.02.21Raja Casablanca (MAR1)   US Monastirienne (TUN1)Stade Mohamed V
20.02.21US Monastirienne (TUN1)   Raja Casablanca (MAR1)Stade Mustapha Ben Jannet
AggregateGor Mahia FC (KEN1) 00 NAPSA Stars FC (ZAM1) 
13.02.21Gor Mahia FC (KEN1)   NAPSA Stars FC (ZAM1)Nyayo National Stadium
20.02.21NAPSA Stars FC (ZAM1)   Gor Mahia FC (KEN1)Vodafone Stadium (Lusaka)
AggregateAsante Kotoko SC (GHA1) 00 ES Sétif (ALG1) 
13.02.21Asante Kotoko SC (GHA1)   ES Sétif (ALG1)Baba Yara Sports Stadium
20.02.21ES Sétif (ALG1)   Asante Kotoko SC (GHA1)Stade 8 Mai 1945
AggregateAS SONIDEP (NIG1) 00 Coton Sport FC (CMR1) 
13.02.21AS SONIDEP (NIG1)   Coton Sport FC (CMR1)Général Seyni Kountché Stadion
20.02.21Coton Sport FC (CMR1)   AS SONIDEP (NIG1)Stade Omnisport Roumdé Adjia
AggregateStade Malien de Bamako (MLI1) 00 JS Kabylie (ALG1) 
13.02.21Stade Malien de Bamako (MLI1)   JS Kabylie (ALG1)Stade du 26 Mars
20.02.21JS Kabylie (ALG1)   Stade Malien de Bamako (MLI1)Stade Abdelkader Khalef
AggregateJwaneng Galaxy FC (BOT1) 00 Orlando Pirates FC (RSA1) 
13.02.21Jwaneng Galaxy FC (BOT1)   Orlando Pirates FC (RSA1)Galaxy Stadium (Jwaneng)
20.02.21Orlando Pirates FC (RSA1)   Jwaneng Galaxy FC (BOT1)Orlando Stadium
AggregateCD 1º de Agosto (ANG1) 00 Namungo FC (TAN1) 
13.02.21CD 1º de Agosto (ANG1)   Namungo FC (TAN1)Estádio 11 de Novembro
20.02.21Namungo FC (TAN1)   CD 1º de Agosto (ANG1)Majaliwa Stadium
AggregateCS Sfaxien (TUN1) 00 AS Kigali (RWA1) 
13.02.21CS Sfaxien (TUN1)   AS Kigali (RWA1)Stade Taïeb Mhiri
20.02.21AS Kigali (RWA1)   CS Sfaxien (TUN1)Stade Régional de Nyamirambo
AggregateNkana FC (ZAM1) 00 TAS de Casablanca (MAR2) 
13.02.21Nkana FC (ZAM1)   TAS de Casablanca (MAR2)Nkana Stadium
20.02.21TAS de Casablanca (MAR2)   Nkana FC (ZAM1)Stade Larbi Zaouli
AggregateBouenguidi FC (GAB1) 00 Salitas FC (BFA1) 
13.02.21Bouenguidi FC (GAB1)   Salitas FC (BFA1)Stade Tata Migolet
20.02.21Salitas FC (BFA1)   Bouenguidi FC (GAB1)Stade du 4-Août
AggregateYoung Buffaloes FC (SWZ1) 00 Étoile Sportive du Sahel (TUN1) 
13.02.21Young Buffaloes FC (SWZ1)   Étoile Sportive du Sahel (TUN1)Trade Fair Ground (Manzini)
20.02.21Étoile Sportive du Sahel (TUN1)   Young Buffaloes FC (SWZ1)Stade Olympique de Sousse
AggregateAl-Ahly SC Benghazi (LBY1) 00 DC Motema Pembe (COD1) 
13.02.21Al-Ahly SC Benghazi (LBY1)   DC Motema Pembe (COD1)28 March Stadium (Benghazi)
20.02.21DC Motema Pembe (COD1)   Al-Ahly SC Benghazi (LBY1)Stade des Martyrs
AggregateRacing Club d'Abidjan (CIV1) 00 Pyramids FC (EGY1) 
13.02.21Racing Club d'Abidjan (CIV1)   Pyramids FC (EGY1)Parc des Sports de Treichville
20.02.21Pyramids FC (EGY1)   Racing Club d'Abidjan (CIV1)Fayoum Stadium
AggregateFC Platinum (ZIM1) 00 ASC Diaraf (SEN1) 
13.02.21FC Platinum (ZIM1)   ASC Diaraf (SEN1)Mandava Stadium
20.02.21ASC Diaraf (SEN1)   FC Platinum (ZIM1)Stade Demba Diop

1st Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateNAPSA Stars FC (ZAM1) 11 UD Songo (MOZ1) 
22.12.20NAPSA Stars FC (ZAM1) 00 UD Songo (MOZ1)National Heroes Stadium
06.01.21UD Songo (MOZ1) 11 NAPSA Stars FC (ZAM1)Estádio do Ferroviário
 NAPSA Stars FC advances w/more away goals (1-0) 
AggregateAlamal SC Atbara (SDN1) 03 Salitas FC (BFA1) 
22.12.20Alamal SC Atbara (SDN1) 01 Salitas FC (BFA1)Al-Hilal Stadium
06.01.21Salitas FC (BFA1) 20 Alamal SC Atbara (SDN1)Stade du 4-Août
AggregateGD Sagrada Esperança (ANG1) 02 Orlando Pirates FC (RSA1) 
22.12.20GD Sagrada Esperança (ANG1) 00 Orlando Pirates FC (RSA1)Estádio Municipal dos Coqueiros
06.01.21Orlando Pirates FC (RSA1) 20 GD Sagrada Esperança (ANG1)Johannesburg Stadium
 Match awarded 2-0 to Orlando Pirates FC by walkover. 
AggregateUSGN (NIG1) 14 JS Kabylie (ALG1) 
22.12.20USGN (NIG1) 12 JS Kabylie (ALG1)Général Seyni Kountché Stadion
05.01.21JS Kabylie (ALG1) 20 USGN (NIG1)Stade du 1er Novembre 1954 (Tizi-Ouzou)
AggregateAl-Ittihad SCSC (LBY1) 24 Pyramids FC (EGY1) 
22.12.20Al-Ittihad SCSC (LBY1) 01 Pyramids FC (EGY1)Alexandria Stadium
05.01.21Pyramids FC (EGY1) 32 Al-Ittihad SCSC (LBY1)30 June Air Defence Stadium
AggregateAl Mokawloon Al Arab (EGY1) 12 Étoile Sportive du Sahel (TUN1) 
22.12.20Al Mokawloon Al Arab (EGY1) 00 Étoile Sportive du Sahel (TUN1)Osman Ahmed Osman Stadium
06.01.21Étoile Sportive du Sahel (TUN1) 21 Al Mokawloon Al Arab (EGY1)Stade Mustapha Ben Jannet
AggregateGreen Eagles FC (ZAM1) 03 Coton Sport FC (CMR1) 
23.12.20Green Eagles FC (ZAM1) 02 Coton Sport FC (CMR1)Nkoloma Stadium
05.01.21Coton Sport FC (CMR1) 10 Green Eagles FC (ZAM1)Stade Omnisport Roumdé Adjia
AggregateAS Kigali (RWA1) 33 Kampala City CA FC (UGA1) 
23.12.20AS Kigali (RWA1) 20 Kampala City CA FC (UGA1)Stade Régional de Nyamirambo
 AS Kigali wins 2-0 in walkover 
06.01.21Kampala City CA FC (UGA1) 31 AS Kigali (RWA1)Mandela National Stadium
 AS Kigali advances w/more away goals (1-0) 
AggregateUS Monastirienne (TUN1) 20 Al Ahli SC (LBY1) 
23.12.20US Monastirienne (TUN1) 20 Al Ahli SC (LBY1)Stade Mustapha Ben Jannet
06.01.21Al Ahli SC (LBY1) 00 US Monastirienne (TUN1)Petrosport Stadium
AggregateNamungo FC (TAN1) 53 El Hilal El Obeid (SDN1) 
23.12.20Namungo FC (TAN1) 20 El Hilal El Obeid (SDN1)Chamazi Stadium
05.01.21El Hilal El Obeid (SDN1) 33 Namungo FC (TAN1)Al-Hilal Stadium
AggregateFC Bravos do Maquis (ANG1) 13 DC Motema Pembe (COD1) 
23.12.20FC Bravos do Maquis (ANG1) 01 DC Motema Pembe (COD1)Estádio Municipal dos Coqueiros
05.01.21DC Motema Pembe (COD1) 21 FC Bravos do Maquis (ANG1)Stade des Martyrs
AggregateRenaissance FC (CHA1) 04 ES Sétif (ALG1) 
23.12.20Renaissance FC (CHA1) 02 ES Sétif (ALG1)Stade Omnisports Idriss Mahamat Ouya
 Match awarded 2-0 to ES Sétif by walkover. 
05.01.21ES Sétif (ALG1) 20 Renaissance FC (CHA1)Stade 8 Mai 1945
 Match awared 2-0 to ES Sétif by walkover. 
AggregateBloemfontein Celtic FC (RSA1) 02 Rivers United FC (NGA1) 
23.12.20Bloemfontein Celtic FC (RSA1) 02 Rivers United FC (NGA1)Dr Petrus Molemela Stadium
23.01.21Rivers United FC (NGA1)   Bloemfontein Celtic FC (RSA1)Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium
AggregateFC Tevragh-Zeina (MTN1) 02 RSB Berkane (MAR1) 
23.12.20FC Tevragh-Zeina (MTN1) 00 RSB Berkane (MAR1)Stade Cheikha Ould Boïdiya
06.01.21RSB Berkane (MAR1) 20 FC Tevragh-Zeina (MTN1)Stade Municipal de Berkane
AggregateASC Diaraf (SEN1) 22 FC San-Pédro (CIV1) 
23.12.20ASC Diaraf (SEN1) 01 FC San-Pédro (CIV1)Stade Lat Dior
06.01.21FC San-Pédro (CIV1) 12 ASC Diaraf (SEN1)Stade Olympique Alassane Ouattara
 ASC Diaraf advances w/more away goals (2-0) 
AggregateTAS de Casablanca (MAR2) 51 Esae FC (BEN1) 
23.12.20TAS de Casablanca (MAR2) 40 Esae FC (BEN1)Stade Mohamed V
06.01.21Esae FC (BEN1) 11 TAS de Casablanca (MAR2)Stade Charles de Gaulle (Porto-Novo)

Preliminary Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateAlamal SC Atbara (SDN1) 40 KVZ SC (ZAN1) 
27.11.20Alamal SC Atbara (SDN1) 10 KVZ SC (ZAN1)Al-Hilal Stadium
05.12.20KVZ SC (ZAN1) 03 Alamal SC Atbara (SDN1)Amaan Stadium (Zanzibar City)
AggregateCI Kamsar (GUI1) 01 Renaissance FC (CHA1) 
27.11.20CI Kamsar (GUI1) 00 Renaissance FC (CHA1)Stade du 28 Septembre
06.12.20Renaissance FC (CHA1) 10 CI Kamsar (GUI1)Stade Omnisports Idriss Mahamat Ouya
AggregateUS Monastirienne (TUN1) 32 Fasil Kenema SC (ETH1) 
27.11.20US Monastirienne (TUN1) 20 Fasil Kenema SC (ETH1)Stade Olympique de Radès
06.12.20Fasil Kenema SC (ETH1) 21 US Monastirienne (TUN1)Addis Ababa National Stadium
AggregateMusongati FC (BDI1) 34 Green Eagles FC (ZAM1) 
28.11.20Musongati FC (BDI1) 22 Green Eagles FC (ZAM1)Stade Intwari
06.12.20Green Eagles FC (ZAM1) 21 Musongati FC (BDI1)Nkoloma Stadium
AggregateAS Arta/Solar7 (DJI1) 110 Al Mokawloon Al Arab (EGY1) 
28.11.20AS Arta/Solar7 (DJI1) 01 Al Mokawloon Al Arab (EGY1)Stade El Hadj Hassan Gouled
04.12.20Al Mokawloon Al Arab (EGY1) 91 AS Arta/Solar7 (DJI1)Osman Ahmed Osman Stadium
AggregateÉtoile du Congo (CGO1) 11 FC Bravos do Maquis (ANG1) 
28.11.20Étoile du Congo (CGO1) 11 FC Bravos do Maquis (ANG1)Stade Alphonse Massamba-Débat
06.12.20FC Bravos do Maquis (ANG1) 00 Étoile du Congo (CGO1)Estádio Municipal dos Coqueiros
 FC Bravos do Maquis advances w/more away goals (1-0) 
AggregateFuturo Kings FC (EQG1) 33 Rivers United FC (NGA1) 
28.11.20Futuro Kings FC (EQG1) 21 Rivers United FC (NGA1)Estadio de Mongomo
06.12.20Rivers United FC (NGA1) 21 Futuro Kings FC (EQG1)Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium
 Rivers United FC advances on PKs (2-0) 
AggregateAl-Ittihad SCSC (LBY1) 71 Horseed FC (SOM1) 
28.11.20Al-Ittihad SCSC (LBY1) 41 Horseed FC (SOM1)Al Salam Training Field
06.12.20Horseed FC (SOM1) 03 Al-Ittihad SCSC (LBY1)Al Salam Training Field
AggregateNamungo FC (TAN1) 50 Al-Rabita Juha (SSN1) 
28.11.20Namungo FC (TAN1) 30 Al-Rabita Juha (SSN1)Chamazi Stadium
06.12.20Al-Rabita Juha (SSN1) 02 Namungo FC (TAN1)Chamazi Stadium
 Match awarded 2-0 to Namungo FC by walkover 
AggregateAS Kaloum Star (GUI1) 12 FC Tevragh-Zeina (MTN1) 
28.11.20AS Kaloum Star (GUI1) 11 FC Tevragh-Zeina (MTN1)Stade du 28 Septembre
06.12.20FC Tevragh-Zeina (MTN1) 10 AS Kaloum Star (GUI1)Stade Cheikha Ould Boïdiya
AggregateASC Diaraf (SEN1) 31 Kano Pillars FC (NGA1) 
28.11.20ASC Diaraf (SEN1) 31 Kano Pillars FC (NGA1)Stade Lat Dior
05.12.20Kano Pillars FC (NGA1) 00 ASC Diaraf (SEN1)Ahmadu Bello Stadium
AggregateGAMTEL FC (GAM1) 03 TAS de Casablanca (MAR2) 
28.11.20GAMTEL FC (GAM1) 01 TAS de Casablanca (MAR2)Independence Stadium (Bakau)
05.12.20TAS de Casablanca (MAR2) 20 GAMTEL FC (GAM1)Stade Larbi Zaouli
 Match awarded 2-0 to TAS de Casablanca by walkover 
AggregateNgazi Sport de Mirontsy (COM1) 29 NAPSA Stars FC (ZAM1) 
29.11.20Ngazi Sport de Mirontsy (COM1) 15 NAPSA Stars FC (ZAM1)Somhlolo National Stadium
05.12.20NAPSA Stars FC (ZAM1) 41 Ngazi Sport de Mirontsy (COM1)National Heroes Stadium
AggregateAS Maniema Union (COD1) 22 Bloemfontein Celtic FC (RSA1) 
29.11.20AS Maniema Union (COD1) 02 Bloemfontein Celtic FC (RSA1)Stade Joseph Kabila
05.12.20Bloemfontein Celtic FC (RSA1) 02 AS Maniema Union (COD1)Dr Petrus Molemela Stadium
 Bloemfontein Celtic FC advances on PKs (3-2) 
AggregateOrapa United FC (BOT1) 22 AS Kigali (RWA1) 
29.11.20Orapa United FC (BOT1) 21 AS Kigali (RWA1)Botswana National Stadium
06.12.20AS Kigali (RWA1) 10 Orapa United FC (BOT1)Stade Régional de Nyamirambo
 AS Kigali advances w/more away goals (1-0) 
AggregateAshanti Gold FC (GHA1) 12 Salitas FC (BFA1) 
29.11.20Ashanti Gold FC (GHA1) 00 Salitas FC (BFA1)Len Clay Stadium
05.12.20Salitas FC (BFA1) 21 Ashanti Gold FC (GHA1)Stade du 4-Août
AggregateUnisport de Sokodé (TOG1) 12 Coton Sport FC (CMR1) 
29.11.20Unisport de Sokodé (TOG1) 02 Coton Sport FC (CMR1)Stade de Kégué
06.12.20Coton Sport FC (CMR1) 01 Unisport de Sokodé (TOG1)Stade Omnisport Roumdé Adjia
AggregateYeelen Olympique (MLI1) 12 USGN (NIG1) 
29.11.20Yeelen Olympique (MLI1) 01 USGN (NIG1)Stade du 26 Mars
05.12.20USGN (NIG1) 11 Yeelen Olympique (MLI1)Général Seyni Kountché Stadion
AggregateGD Sagrada Esperança (ANG1) 40 Mbabane Swallows FC (SWZ1) 
29.11.20GD Sagrada Esperança (ANG1) 20 Mbabane Swallows FC (SWZ1)Estádio Sagrada Esperança
 Match awarded 2-0 to GD Sagrada Esperança by walkover 
06.12.20Mbabane Swallows FC (SWZ1) 02 GD Sagrada Esperança (ANG1)Somhlolo National Stadium
 Match awarded 2-0 to GD Sagrada Esperança by walkover